Voting!!! Get Organized Challenge Feburary 2015

I’m so excited to show you some amazing transformations this month! These ladies have worked hard to make their homes become inviting spaces and they all did a fantastic job. Vote for your favorite! The $100 prize is generously sponsored by Grape Vine Studies.

{Polls will be open until Monday, February 9th at 11:59PM EST.}

Transformation #1 – Lara from Oklahoma


Transformation #2 – Jen from Wisconsin


Transformation #3 – Jeni from Minnesota

Jeni's Spare Room


Transformation #4 – Jenny


You Could Get Paid $100 to Clean Your House!

I am SO excited to offer an incredible cleaning award, just for doing what you already do! Here are the fabulous details…

How to get paid to clean your house - this is AMAZING! I can't wait to enter this $100 giveaway, just for sharing a before & after photo of my space!

GrapeVine Studies is generously offering a $100 gift card to the reader who submits photos of the most improved space this month!

I love that GrapeVine is a company who truly cares about people and I have been absolutely blown away by their customer service! They have gone above and beyond to work with me, answer my questions, offer assistance, and basically be an online friend.


Entry Details:

To enter the contest, simply email a before & after photo of your space to me at! The area you submit can be large, such as an entire room, or it can be small like a closet or cabinet.

In your email, please include:

  • Before & after photos of ONE space – a simple photo collage is appreciated but not necessary.
  • Your first name.
  • Your state of residence.

Please note that by submitting your photos and information, you’re giving me permission to share your photos, first name, and state of residence for the contest. Only submit your own photos of a space you have personally decluttered.

The deadline to submit photos for this contest is Saturday, January 31st at 11:59PM EST.

Voting & Winner Details:

A poll will be open from February 2nd – 9th so readers can vote for what they think is the best before & after space!

The person who receives the most votes will win a $100 gift card to Grape Vine Studies! This could be a perfect way to bless your family, a friend, or even a local church or homeschool group with a wonderful Bible curriculum – I especially love how comprehensive the Bible Bundle looks! You can view GrapeVine’s FREE sample lessons here.


Reader Success Story: Baby Toys & Home Office


Today’s success story was submitted by Jenny from Something New. You can see before photos with my tips about Jenny’s spare room here, and before photos with my advice about her baby gear in this post.

Here’s what Jenny had to say:

Hi, Davonne!

Thank you so so much for your reply and ideas!

I hadn’t even thought that a future baby may not be interested in the those items and will discuss this further with my husband.

Unfortunately, the shed is still not an option. However, after writing to you, reading some of your other motivating posts, and starting to read Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl, I got inspired to solve the problem quickly!

It turns out that all of the baby toys except the large swing could be folded down with some work. I rearranged my son’s closet and made room for the toys in there. Then I took apart the swing the best I could and placed it on top of one of our Christmas totes, freeing up so much floor space!


I moved empty bins from my son’s room onto the large bookshelf in the spare room. Then I put toys, blankets, and craft items from the desk into the bins.

I also moved some larger toys from in our living room coffee table into the spare room, which made space in the living room for exercise equipment. So now all of my workout things are right where I need them to be – with the TV!


It is so wonderful to have space in our spare room and my son already loves going back there to play with his toys by himself or with us! We’ve already had more fun family experiences in that room than we used to!

I even started using some empty bins in our large hall storage closet for donations and consignment items. The rule is to deliver the items when the bins are full.

I also made more room in our living room by moving our dining room table bench out into the mudroom. This makes an awesome place for people to sit and put on/take off their shoes!


Well, now that I started I can’t stop organizing things. Just today I reorganized our bathroom closet and found some more storage containers that weren’t really being used in there for our desk area and spare room storage.

Thank you so much for all the inspiration and motivation, and especially for helping to open up space for our family to live. I wouldn’t have done any of it if I hadn’t stumbled onto your blog! I would like to note it was especially helpful to read ideas from someone who has truly struggled with cleaning and organization too.

Jenny, thank you so much for sharing your success story! Your home looks amazing and your $5.00 Amazon gift card should be in your inbox!

Readers, if you want to receive FREE personalized organization tips for your own home, then check out my Get Organized page for details on how to submit your questions! Want immediate and complete organization help? My eBook Chaos to Clutter-Free is only $2.99 through the end of January.



The Kitchen Table Success!

I have another success story to share with you! Valerie solved her messy table and baker’s rack dilemmas!

Here’s how she did it:


“Hi!  I’ve been able to tackle my first project.

“I accomplished this task over about a week to ten days. First I put up the big stuff, like the Bath and Body works bag. Then I went thru the old newspaper ads and junk mail and tossed them. I have a basket in my room for my current documents so I put those up where they belong as well.  I cut out my coupons one night while watching TV. Candy bags were placed in my kitchen cabinets.”


“For my bakers rack, I started in small sections. I went thru the small paper items on the left side and put them in their homes. If they were coupons, they went in my wallet, I put important documents in my basket in my bedroom, and some items were old and just needed to be tossed.  I put the charging cords in my room with my other ones.

“My vitamins are still a work in progress, trying to find them a home where I can remember to take them.  I had some “work” papers also on here, but I also have a section in my room that I keep them, so I went thru them, tossed out what I truly no longer needed and put the rest in their home.

“I allow my sunglasses, planner and tablet to remain on the bakers rack, but nothing else. I’m trying not to add a basket to house any items at this time, but I’ll use that as an option if I cannot stay on track of putting items in their official homes  immediately.

‘Thank you for your suggestions and help!” – Valerie

Your table and baker’s rack look fantastic Valerie! Awesome job – your $5.00 gift card is on its way!

PS See more details about Valerie’s mess here and go here to find out how you can get FREE advice about your own space.