Praying through Proverbs: 31 Days of Marriage Strengthening Prayers

I’m thrilled to let you know that I’ve teamed up with my Canadian blogging friend, Darlene Schacht of Time-Warp Wife, to offer a 31 day marriage series this October. We’re Praying through Proverbs with married couples all over the world at her MarriagePrayers.Today site.


I’ve read Darlene’s blog for years and her articles have helped me become a better wife in so many ways, so becoming real-life friends and now working on a prayer series together is a huge honor and blessing.

You can read all the details about this beautiful new series in Darlene’s lovely announcement.


Left to Right: Mandi, Ashleigh, me & Darlene at Allume 2014 in Charleston, SC

Tell me one good thing going on in your own life right now – I’d love to rejoice with you.

FINAL CHANCE for Kindle Giveaway & Spring Clean eBundle

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I’ve been reading through the books in this eBundle and let me tell you, there are so many fabulous resources. I absolutely love all of the books but I’ll highlight just a few of my current favorites:

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For starters, if you want to organize your home, this is the perfect bundle to help you do that! My own book Chaos to Clutter-Free is in there and Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family has included her brand new book Freed from Clutter as well!


The Simplify Your Wardrobe video course alone is a $39.99 value. That’s like buying the video course for 60% off plus getting 19 other great resources to go with it for FREE!

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I just read A Gentle Answer last weekend and it was so soothing to my weary, wintered spirit. I’m already noticing a difference in my response to how I react to my children when they make – and then fight over – their messes. And they’re already noticing a difference in me, too.

A Gentle Answer 3D


The Good Wife’s Guide by Darlene Schacht of Time-Warp Wife is powerful. I’m slowly working my way through this one because it provides a lot of food for thought that should be absorbed, not rushed through. (Also, I have the same dress the girl on the cover is wearing and my kitchen is blue – isn’t that fun?!)

Good Wife Guide

I took a sneak peek at Putting on the Spirit by Katie Horner as well as Spring into God’s Word by Mandy Kelly, and WOW I cannot wait to read them thoroughly! I’m making myself hold back so I can slowly saver the inspiring messages this spring.


Tell Your Time is an absolute must read for busy moms! It’s short and sweet, and like the author Amy Lynn Andrews says, “What if you could change your life in 30 pages? And for less than the price of a fancy coffee?” Don’t skip this book – you’ll be so glad you read it!


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For those of you who have read some of the bundle books, which one is your favorite?

Time is running out

Welcome to My Mess

My house is a bit of a mess right now. Laundry needs folded. Dishes need washed. Not to mention the living room and schoolroom that could use a good tidying:


That’s my life, my house right now. And while normally messes made in a clean house frustrate me, today they don’t. I’m trying not to see so much of the mess. I’m trying to see the life that created those messes.

Lily and Grace spent the day yesterday having tea parties with their dolls, building with blocks, doing science experiments, and trying out new art projects. So much life. So much love. So much fun. And yes, so much mess.

Sometimes it’s okay to be messy. The important thing is to keep cleaning it up so new messes can be created and more life and memories can happen.

It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about the Spring Clean Your Home and Heart eBundle this week. Sometimes my house looks pretty clean, sometimes it doesn’t. And my heart? Oh, it needs renewing! I just read A Gentle Answer over the weekend (it’s in the bundle), and it was so soothing to my weary, wintered spirit.

I’m already noticing a difference in my response to how I react to my children when they make – and then fight over – their messes. And they’re already noticing a difference in me, too.

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How do you feel when you see messes in your own house?


Kindle Giveaway & Spring Clean eBundle

Many of us do a little spring cleaning in our homes, but have you considered that sometimes our hearts could also use a little freshening up? As we near the end of a long, dreary winter, it’s time to fling open the curtains so we can welcome the light and warmth back into our homes and our hearts.

And just like a breath of fresh air coming through the open windows, the incredible sale I want to tell you about will help infuse life directly into your heart and home.

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From video courses to organization guides to fun printables, this spectacular eBundle is sure to have you feeling motivated and inspired as you spring clean.

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The best part is you can give away any books you’ve already read or don’t want to keep so that you can bless your friends with fun, frugal gifts throughout the year!

Except, that may not actually be the best part, at least for my readers.

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