Kids’ Room & Living Room Update

I haven’t even started a single chore on my list today. We had dentist appointments, I had work-at-home tasks to finish, and my kids needed help with some things. But sometimes that’s life! I’ll do what I can this evening and pick it back up tomorrow.

Yesterday was much more productive – the girls and I went through every single item in their room, reorganized their clothes, and put things in donation bags. I remember when we used to be in their room for three solid days, but this time we finished in 2.5 hours.

{Go here for tips on organizing kids’ toys.}

Plus since we decluttered the living room when we painted in November, there wasn’t a whole lot to do other than sort through the closet but we did manage to find a whole trash bag of things to donate!


Items purged from kids’ room & living room:

  • 3 trash bags full of items for donation.
  • 1 trash bag full of trash.

Current Results:

  • Time spent cleaning, decluttering & organizing: 21.5 hours
  • Bags for donation: 13
  • Bags of trash: 5
  • Plus 1 huge Christmas tree.


Davonne’s Live Declutter

You're invited to see my mess as I declutter LIVE on my blog! The good, bad, and embarrassingly messy are all shared to help inspire you to organize your own home!

I’m so excited to offer a huge peek into my house as I live-blog about my full home declutter project this winter!

What you can expect to see in this series:

  • Before & After Photos. Because who doesn’t love to be inspired by a transformed room?!
  • Time & Stuff Breakdowns. I’m adding up the hours spent decluttering & the number of bags I get rid of.
  • Realness.While I’d really prefer for everyone to think I have a perfect house, this world needs honesty, not perfection. So I’m opening my home and inviting you into my mess!
  • Updates! Regardless of whether I meet – or miss – my goals, I plan to post updates about this project each week.
  • Motivation. I hope this series will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to organize your own home!
  • A vlog to two! That is, if I get brave enough to talk to a camera 🙂


What you shouldn’t expect from this series:

  • A magic formula. Cleaning isn’t always fun! There’s no magic wand. No fairy godmother. Just old-fashioned hard work.
  • How-to articles. This series is more for inspiration than anything else. I very specifically cover the how-to part of decluttering in my eBook, Chaos to Clutter-Free, so make sure to read that if you need help with knowing how to declutter your home.

Pretty simple, right? And now that you know what to expect, you can go here to see all of my live declutter posts, or you can click on any of the titles below:

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Day 18: Why I’m okay about not meeting my January goals (storage closet, bathroom, and basement update)


Day 19: Why I stopped waiting for perfect (Nathan’s spare closet is done!)

Day 20: FINAL PROJECT – The Laundry Room (I’ll update this day with a link after I declutter it)!


Are you excited to get started? I know I am! And if you’d like to see details about a completed home-declutter project, then make sure to check out this article about how I decluttered my entire house in six days last year!



Reader Success Story: Baby Toys & Home Office


Today’s success story was submitted by Jenny from Something New. You can see before photos with my tips about Jenny’s spare room here, and before photos with my advice about her baby gear in this post.

Here’s what Jenny had to say:

Hi, Davonne!

Thank you so so much for your reply and ideas!

I hadn’t even thought that a future baby may not be interested in the those items and will discuss this further with my husband.

Unfortunately, the shed is still not an option. However, after writing to you, reading some of your other motivating posts, and starting to read Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl, I got inspired to solve the problem quickly!

It turns out that all of the baby toys except the large swing could be folded down with some work. I rearranged my son’s closet and made room for the toys in there. Then I took apart the swing the best I could and placed it on top of one of our Christmas totes, freeing up so much floor space!


I moved empty bins from my son’s room onto the large bookshelf in the spare room. Then I put toys, blankets, and craft items from the desk into the bins.

I also moved some larger toys from in our living room coffee table into the spare room, which made space in the living room for exercise equipment. So now all of my workout things are right where I need them to be – with the TV!


It is so wonderful to have space in our spare room and my son already loves going back there to play with his toys by himself or with us! We’ve already had more fun family experiences in that room than we used to!

I even started using some empty bins in our large hall storage closet for donations and consignment items. The rule is to deliver the items when the bins are full.

I also made more room in our living room by moving our dining room table bench out into the mudroom. This makes an awesome place for people to sit and put on/take off their shoes!


Well, now that I started I can’t stop organizing things. Just today I reorganized our bathroom closet and found some more storage containers that weren’t really being used in there for our desk area and spare room storage.

Thank you so much for all the inspiration and motivation, and especially for helping to open up space for our family to live. I wouldn’t have done any of it if I hadn’t stumbled onto your blog! I would like to note it was especially helpful to read ideas from someone who has truly struggled with cleaning and organization too.

Jenny, thank you so much for sharing your success story! Your home looks amazing and your $5.00 Amazon gift card should be in your inbox!

Readers, if you want to receive FREE personalized organization tips for your own home, then check out my Get Organized page for details on how to submit your questions! Want immediate and complete organization help? My eBook Chaos to Clutter-Free is only $2.99 through the end of January.



A Cute and Easy Way to Display Greeting Cards


I love receiving cards in the mail! But it seems like such a waste when those beautiful cards are just piled up on a shelf somewhere.

So in a moment of creative-ness when I needed to find a place for our Christmas cards this year, I grabbed some twine and looped it over the hooks on our coat rack! Tying ribbon, embroidery floss, or yarn over coat rack hooks would also work.

So simple.

While it may not be perfect, it is finished! And in my opinion, imperfectly finished is better than unfinished perfection.

How do you display your holiday & other greeting cards?


Day 23 of Simple Organization