Simple Laundry Solution for Winter Gear & $100 Winner

{NOTE: The winner of the $100 organization contest is announced at the bottom of this post!}


Tonight I had an epiphany.

My family went sledding after work. Afterward my husband suggested that we go back inside through the basement instead of the kitchen. As in, “Let’s not track in wet snowy clothes all over the kitchen floor.” Brilliant.


Then we took it a step further. The washing machine isn’t far from the basement entrance so we dumped our wet clothes directly into the machine and turned it on.

No mess in the kitchen. Boots and coats drying downstairs out of the way. Snow clothes are already clean.

So simple. So perfect.

I could also do this with swimwear in the summertime. Or muddy clothes in the spring. Why, oh why have we lived here for nearly 10 years before thinking of this?!


Would it be going too far if I have everyone start keeping a clean pair of PJs on top of the dryer and just use the basement door after work, too? Come home, toss clothes in the washing machine, put on pajamas. I think I may give it a try.

How do you simplify your clothing & laundry situation?


Day 24 of 31 Days of Simple Organization.

 Winner Announcement!

The winner of this month’s $100 organizing contest is Lara from Oklahoma! Congratulations, Lara! And a HUGE thank you to Grape Vine Studies for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway! Go here to see all of the amazing before & after photos.


Davonne’s Live Declutter

You're invited to see my mess as I declutter LIVE on my blog! The good, bad, and embarrassingly messy are all shared to help inspire you to organize your own home!

I’m so excited to offer a huge peek into my house as I live-blog about my full home declutter project this winter!

What you can expect to see in this series:

  • Before & After Photos. Because who doesn’t love to be inspired by a transformed room?!
  • Time & Stuff Breakdowns. I’m adding up the hours spent decluttering & the number of bags I get rid of.
  • Realness.While I’d really prefer for everyone to think I have a perfect house, this world needs honesty, not perfection. So I’m opening my home and inviting you into my mess!
  • Updates! Regardless of whether I meet – or miss – my goals, I plan to post updates about this project each week.
  • Motivation. I hope this series will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to organize your own home!
  • A vlog to two! That is, if I get brave enough to talk to a camera 🙂


What you shouldn’t expect from this series:

  • A magic formula. Cleaning isn’t always fun! There’s no magic wand. No fairy godmother. Just old-fashioned hard work.
  • How-to articles. This series is more for inspiration than anything else. I very specifically cover the how-to part of decluttering in my eBook, Chaos to Clutter-Free, so make sure to read that if you need help with knowing how to declutter your home.

Pretty simple, right? And now that you know what to expect, you can go here to see all of my live declutter posts, or you can click on any of the titles below:

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Day 18: Why I’m okay about not meeting my January goals (storage closet, bathroom, and basement update)


Day 19: Why I stopped waiting for perfect (Nathan’s spare closet is done!)

Day 20: FINAL PROJECT – The Laundry Room (I’ll update this day with a link after I declutter it)!


Are you excited to get started? I know I am! And if you’d like to see details about a completed home-declutter project, then make sure to check out this article about how I decluttered my entire house in six days last year!



A Reader’s Laundry Success!


{Photo Credit: hyena reality /}

I’m so excited to have another success story to share with you! Anne e-mailed in about her laundry situation a couple of weeks ago, and after following some of the tips I suggested, she’s tamed her laundry monster!

Here’s what Anne had to say:

“I’ve attached a photo of the clothes that I cleaned out of my closet and storage bins today. The large pile on the left is going to a local thrift store that supports individuals with developmental disabilities, and the pile on the right are socks that I threw out. Thanks for the advice on getting rid of clothes, I’m so glad I did this and I’m so excited to be able to bless the DD ministry with some nice things! Thanks so much!” – Anne


Then Anne e-mailed in a few days later to share about her new maintenance system:

“I bought two $3 over-the-door hooks for the laundry room to hang wet washcloths and rags so that they’re not trying to dry wherever there’s room. I’m also keeping dirty laundry in the laundry room in stacked baskets instead of letting in creep all over the floor.

“I’ve made it a priority to do laundry before anything else after I put my daughter down for her nap. I have to make sure I bring her hamper out of her room beforehand so that I don’t have the excuse that I can’t get her clothes out of there. This has made a huge difference in the amount of dirty laundry around the home.

“I organized the clothes in my closet, my dresser drawers, and my daughter’s dresser drawers to make sure everything has a place. Semi-clean clothing goes back with clean clothing instead of on the bookshelf.” – Anne


Anne, your laundry organization looks fantastic – thanks so much for sharing your success story with us! Your gift card is on its way 🙂

Go here to see Anne’s questions, my tips, and a before photo.

PS Don’t forget that if you submit your own mess by October 30th, you’ll receive a free copy of Chaos to Clutter-Free, plus you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Details and submission information are here.



Front Entry Organization

Tonight’s messy situation was submitted by Tonya*!

*Name has been changed to protect the messy.


“My question is about how to best utilize the space in my house to make my mud room less of a disaster. We have a very small entryway as you can see, and both the front door and back door lead into it in addition to a bathroom door opening up into it.

“The bench does open up and holds winter hats and mittens. But, one has to walk through the bathroom to get into the mudroom, which makes everyone less inclined to actually hang their coat in the mudroom or put their shoes in there.

“We do not have any closets on our main floor. No coat closet or cleaning closet, so our mudroom contains coats and shoes, etc. and cleaning supplies. I make my own cleaners, so I have big bottles of vinegar and Castile soap and boxes of baking soda to store. I also buy food in bulk which makes storing that difficult, too.

“We do have lockers in our garage, but being in a cold climate, we hardly want to store coats and boots in there, because they do not dry in there if they are wet. And who wants to put on cold snow-gear?!” – Tonya*

Tonya, you have some great questions and it looks like you have a pretty good handle on organization! I love the wall color and the little coat rack with the welcome sign by your door!


Have you considered only allowing one coat and one pair of boots per person in the entry area and having your family members keep the rest in their closets, thus completely removing all shoes and coats from the closet? I don’t have a coat area by my door either, so my family keeps coats and shoes in closets with the rest of our clothes (when they’re put away, that is!).

Since you do have the lockers in your garage, you may also want to consider using those for dry coats and shoes if you don’t have room in your bedroom closets which will still allow you to keep the main closet free of clothing.

I also want to encourage you to think outside the box – who says those lockers have to be used for coats?! If you move most of the coats and shoes to bedroom closets, maybe you could choose a few of the bulk cleaning supplies or food products that can withstand the cold to move to the lockers.

It looks like your pantry is fairly organized, but it seems that you may want it to look a little more attractive. I recommend reading this article I wrote about how to organize a pantry – it includes tips for how to make a small pantry more attractive, plus the pretty pet food storage idea may be something you could try out for some of your cleaning supplies or bulk food items instead.

I also notice a lot of hanging bags in one of the photos – I recommend limiting the bags to one per person and moving the other bags to bedroom closets so they don’t clutter up the closet or entryway. Or consider putting the extra bags into a basket or bin inside the pantry to keep them nearby but out of the way.

Really, though, your space doesn’t look bad at all and I think that a couple hours of reorganization will give you a space that’s both beautiful and functional for your family!

Thanks so much for submitting your questions, Tonya! I hope this helps you out and don’t forget to send after photos when you’re finished!

PS Don’t forget that if you submit your own mess by October 30th, you’ll receive a free copy of Chaos to Clutter-Free, plus you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Details and submission information are here.