Yes. It was that bad.

I don’t always enjoy cleaning but I LOVE how amazing it feels to have a clutter-free room! Look at the difference some purging and organizing can make:


Also, curtains in a bag at the bottom of a closet are clutter. Curtains on the window are not. Our curtains were clutter for 4 months. So glad we fixed that!


And one of my favorite things about decluttering is that less stuff = more usable space. Like in this kitchen cabinet:


Next on my declutter list is the rest of my kitchen, and I’m going to Instagram it LIVE on Thursday! Join me, okay? We can help motivate each-other! Let’s just hope I don’t have any more cabinets filled with egg cartons 😉

And don’t forget to get my book – it’s only $2.99 until the end of the month!


My Dresser & The Kitchen Summary:

  • Spent 3 hours decluttering (I’m halfway done in the kitchen).
  • Filled 0 trash bags for donation.
  • Filled 1 trash bag with trash.
  • Filled 1 bag with egg cartons to give to a friend who actually owns chickens.


  • Time spent cleaning, decluttering & organizing: 29.5 hours
  • Bags for donation: 14
  • Bags of trash: 8
  • Plus 1 huge Christmas tree.


Davonne’s Live Declutter

You're invited to see my mess as I declutter LIVE on my blog! The good, bad, and embarrassingly messy are all shared to help inspire you to organize your own home!

I’m so excited to offer a huge peek into my house as I live-blog about my full home declutter project this winter!

What you can expect to see in this series:

  • Before & After Photos. Because who doesn’t love to be inspired by a transformed room?!
  • Time & Stuff Breakdowns. I’m adding up the hours spent decluttering & the number of bags I get rid of.
  • Realness.While I’d really prefer for everyone to think I have a perfect house, this world needs honesty, not perfection. So I’m opening my home and inviting you into my mess!
  • Updates! Regardless of whether I meet – or miss – my goals, I plan to post updates about this project each week.
  • Motivation. I hope this series will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to organize your own home!
  • A vlog to two! That is, if I get brave enough to talk to a camera 🙂


What you shouldn’t expect from this series:

  • A magic formula. Cleaning isn’t always fun! There’s no magic wand. No fairy godmother. Just old-fashioned hard work.
  • How-to articles. This series is more for inspiration than anything else. I very specifically cover the how-to part of decluttering in my eBook, Chaos to Clutter-Free, so make sure to read that if you need help with knowing how to declutter your home.

Pretty simple, right? And now that you know what to expect, you can go here to see all of my live declutter posts, or you can click on any of the titles below:

Preparing our Hearts for Decluttering:

Part 1: The most important thing to remember in 2015 (hint: it isn’t organization)


Part 2: Why I’m decluttering my entire house again (plus info about the secret Get Organized Facebook group!)

Declutter Projects I’ve Finished:

Day 1: Getting a head start on the school & toy room


Days 2-5: Preparing my home for a full declutter project

Days 6-8: My house is READY!!! (Part 2 of preparing my home for a declutter project)

Day 9: Kids’ room & living room

Days 10 & 11: When decluttering feels too hard (and master bedroom update)

Days 12 & 13: Yes. It was that bad (Master bedroom & kitchen)


Days 14 & 15: What you didn’t know about cleaning (with kitchen update)

Days 16 & 17: Top 10 ways to make cleaning more fun (plus the school/toy room reveal!)

Day 18: Why I’m okay about not meeting my January goals (storage closet, bathroom, and basement update)


Day 19: Why I stopped waiting for perfect (Nathan’s spare closet is done!)

Day 20: FINAL PROJECT – The Laundry Room (I’ll update this day with a link after I declutter it)!


Are you excited to get started? I know I am! And if you’d like to see details about a completed home-declutter project, then make sure to check out this article about how I decluttered my entire house in six days last year!



The Kitchen Table Success!

I have another success story to share with you! Valerie solved her messy table and baker’s rack dilemmas!

Here’s how she did it:


“Hi!  I’ve been able to tackle my first project.

“I accomplished this task over about a week to ten days. First I put up the big stuff, like the Bath and Body works bag. Then I went thru the old newspaper ads and junk mail and tossed them. I have a basket in my room for my current documents so I put those up where they belong as well.  I cut out my coupons one night while watching TV. Candy bags were placed in my kitchen cabinets.”


“For my bakers rack, I started in small sections. I went thru the small paper items on the left side and put them in their homes. If they were coupons, they went in my wallet, I put important documents in my basket in my bedroom, and some items were old and just needed to be tossed.  I put the charging cords in my room with my other ones.

“My vitamins are still a work in progress, trying to find them a home where I can remember to take them.  I had some “work” papers also on here, but I also have a section in my room that I keep them, so I went thru them, tossed out what I truly no longer needed and put the rest in their home.

“I allow my sunglasses, planner and tablet to remain on the bakers rack, but nothing else. I’m trying not to add a basket to house any items at this time, but I’ll use that as an option if I cannot stay on track of putting items in their official homes  immediately.

‘Thank you for your suggestions and help!” – Valerie

Your table and baker’s rack look fantastic Valerie! Awesome job – your $5.00 gift card is on its way!

PS See more details about Valerie’s mess here and go here to find out how you can get FREE advice about your own space.

Appliances on the Counters?

Today’s messy situation was submitted by Shea!

“I have a lot of trouble with clutter and organizing my kitchen, especially my kitchen counters.  Could you please help me with some tips? I never know what to do with stuff we use all the time (lunchboxes, toaster, tupperware) so I just leave it sitting out. But that makes the kitchen look so messy.” – Shea


Shea, I definitely believe that you use those items all the time! But, consider this: How long would it take to put each thing away in a cabinet and then pull that one item back out again? 45 seconds total? Since your counters bother you, I think it’s worth 45 seconds of your time in order to keep the items in a cabinet so you can have a fresh, clean space all day long!

Plus, consider the time you spend working around or moving your counter clutter. I’m guessing that it’s probably more time than it would take to put the things in a cabinet and pull them back out as-needed. This means that having your appliances out in the open is likely actually costing you time instead of saving you time!

If you don’t think you can put your appliances away because your cabinets are too full to put more stuff in, then check out Keri’s post about decluttering cabinets. Plus I recently wrote a very specific article about clearing a counter mess, so definitely take a few minutes to read those helpful tips!

More articles with helpful kitchen counter-decluttering tips are here and here. If you need more kitchen cabinet tips you may also want to check out this pantry organization post as well as this article about how I organize my spice rack and baking supplies.

I hope this helps you, Shea! Please let me know if you have any more questions about your space, and don’t forget to send in after photos when you’re finished!

PS Don’t forget that if you submit your own mess by October 30th, you’ll receive a free copy of Chaos to Clutter-Free, plus you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Details and submission information are here.